NOLA 2 Monday

Rod here-  

This morning, we had orientation with Dale and it was very inspirational.  I would like to grow up and be like him.  His passion for serving people is evident and contagious.  He speaks well and enthusiastically about getting people back into their homes.  I talked to him about coming to Salem UMC on July 12th.  He will be in MN anyway.  

So we got our work assignments and headed out.  Erin and Ali are posting about their job site, but here are some pictures from there.

At my job site, we worked for Cheryl Z.  Cheryl showed up for a few minutes, but didn’t stay long and didn’t say much.  She is staying somewhere off site.  We washed the outside of her house- vinyl siding.  We had to scrub it with a big brush and spray it with chlorine (?)  Barbara and Ginger, etc. painted doors and a closet inside.  Roma started to mow the lawn, but ran out of gas.  (The mower, not Roma).  Besides the lawn we finished everything at our house.  Here is a picture of the house.
And I got my phone fixed.  
I got a bunch of other pictures from other people, so they aren’t exactly in chronological order.  
Here’s Bob N.  He is pretty amazing about what he knows how to do.  
And here is Ginger and Barbara and Kathy visiting Carol A., a homeowner we worked with last year.  
Click on the link for the picasa site that has the rest of the pictures. 
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