NOLA 4 Sat-Tues. Trying again…

I apologize to the people that got this the first time. I had this
email bounce back from MANY people, and am trying to figure out how to
make sure that this can get to everyone- If you got it and read it
once, you can just delete this. It's old news.


Lots of catching up to do…

First- You can see pictures at
I haven't been able to get everyone's pictures, but I think Kristen
figured out a way to get them and we can get more pictures on soon.
Also- you can visit our blog at Today, it's
the same exact entry as this email.

We are seeing a lot and feeling the urgency of getting houses done.
We are clicking well together and everyone seems to fit in pretty
well. We are working on 4 different work sites.

Howard is leading a team at a house in the Upper 9th ward. On
Howard's team is: Bonnie and Dennis W., Mark P., Mark S., Judie R.,
Vince J., and Lewis W. The house was damaged from the roof down, but
it never flooded. They are doing a lot of tile. Bonnie has been able
to spend a lot of time talking with the homeowners.

Bob is working on a house out by the airport. Zach B., Krissy K.,
Corrine M., and Jeff are helping with a lot of misc. projects. They
have cut and laid baseboard, installed vanities, and several other

Gary is working on a house in the northeast part of town. They are
doing drywall, mostly. Helping Gary are Jerri H., Tina B., Kristen
B., Paul A., Shane I., Carolyn W, and Barbara S.

Roma is leading a team with Rob W., Rod S., Matt S., Hutch T., and
Ginger S. We have been working on laminate and ceramic flooring.

After two days, all teams are reporting being on schedule. In fact,
when we report to each other in the evenings, everyone talks about how
proud we are with the amount of work that is getting done. Everyone
works together and have been placed on the right teams.

Usually, they have asked us to take a half day off on Wednesday. This
year, they seem to not need us to do that. We have readjusted our
plans to work all day on Wed. and try to get as much as we can done.

Kristen and Bonnie have been leading music for devotions. That has
added a really neat component.

Again, Donna has been cooking for us. This year, she has a helper
named Jean. Jean fits in great and Donna has said she loves working
with her. They are both two ladies that get stuff done, too!

That's a little about what we've been up to. I encourage you to check
out the pictures.

The spiritual life cannot be made suburban. It is always frontier,
and we who live in it must accept and even rejoice that it remains
— Howard Macey

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