NOLA 4 Wed. and Thursday

Best thing to do is check out the pictures on our picasa website:

We are getting a lot done on our worksites.

Cool things to remember:

The way Jerri and Tina didn't know anyone from this trip and have
integrated so well.

Hutch riding up in the icecream truck.

Ginger's devotion in the Lower 9th Ward

How much the Lower 9th has developed even since we were here 6 months ago.

How bad the Upper 9th is. This caught me by surprise. Sooooo many
buildings in horrible shape.

Having my cousin, Mark on this trip.

I got sick today and tried to go to the worksite. When we got there,
I told Hutch and Roma that I was going to try to sleep for just a
little while in the van. I ended up eventually returning the base and
trying to get some sleep.

We did our rootbeer float party tonight. The cool thing was that the
homeowners from two of our work sites came by for it. The bad thing
was that that was about it. Good floats, though….

The challenges of having a bigger group have been interesting. Do you
wait for everyone to get to the table for dinner? Devotions? Do we
try to accommodate what EVERYONE wants to do?

To that extent, there is a group leaving after the work hours tomorrow
for Memphis, where they will spend the night, and then stop at the
National Civil Rights Museum. Nothing wrong with it, but a hassle to
coordinate, and there has been some struggle with flexibility.

BUT- the reason we are here- to share Jesus' love through tangible
ways by helping restore people into their homes- MUCH is getting
done. Bob's team pretty much did all they could do at their site.
Howard and Gary both think they might get done early tomorrow. Roma's
team has gone above and beyond the worklist, but is going to struggle
with finishing everything they start.

It has been a good week.


The spiritual life cannot be made suburban. It is always frontier,
and we who live in it must accept and even rejoice that it remains
— Howard Macey

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