NOLA 5- day two- traveling some more

Left Cape Girardeau and didn't make as good time this time.  Arrived in New Orleans around 6:30pm.  I had to ask the PA team to pick up Carla at the airport because were were about 2 hours out when she called saying she landed.  When we met up, Carla fit in PERFECTLY with our group.  She is a joy and blessing to add to our team.  

We went out to dinner.  We said we would just drive around until we found something.  Bob found a Rally's.  It's just food.  Just eat it.  
Devotions were awesome.  I asked everyone to go around the room to tell why they came.  This was couched as introductions so Carla could get to know us.  When Carla's turn came, she talked about her cancer and why she is bald and why she wanted to come.  She explained that when she got the invitation, God convicted her right then that she was to come.  And then He provided the money for the plane ticket.  Then we talked about Psalm 37:5-6  (Click here for that verse).  It was powerful.
We are excited about what God is doing here already.  We have been praying that God show us what He would have us see.  That we would have the wisdom to interpret what we are seeing the way He would want us to understand it.  And for the courage to respond how God would have us respond.  Amen

The spiritual life cannot be made suburban.  It is always frontier, and we who live in it must accept and even rejoice that it remains untamed.
—  Howard Macey
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    LIfe is fun here; used the big, manly plunger to fix the toilet yesterday–I think I am now a hero in youngest's eyes–went to the post office to mail something to yousguys while doggie sat in the car awaiting my imminent return, and then took said pupper to PetSmart and purchased him a drugged collar to relax him. With luck, the new collar should make him just look up and wag his tail when daddyJeff comes home! I have now done my work for the NOLA team here on the homefront; stay safe!


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