NOLA 5- The first work day

We started out the day with devotions and then orientation.  A little about orientation….

They give a bunch of information about the work that’s been done, and how to stay safe on the jobsite, and who the staff are that affect what we do, and a little about the houses we are working on.  Then they assign the houses and then it’s like a free for all.  People are trying to get tools for the job, figure out who is going to go on which team, shuffle the coolers around so everyone has the lunches they packed and enough water for the day, and trying to find the assignment folder that nobody gave to Howard, but he seems to have it in his tool bag anyway, even though it’s not the site he’s going to.  (True story).  At the time, it feels a little stressful, but after it’s done, you look back and kind of laugh.  
The worksite that Howard’s team is working on is finishing drywall and texturing and painting.  They said that for the most part, the previous team did a good job with the drywall.  This is unusual because usually when we go in behind a drywall team, we spend a day or the week fixing what they did.  But for the most part, this team did pretty well.  Almost.  Just a couple closets.  I have not been to this site, but it sounds like it’s pretty close.  Howard, Ginger, Lewis, Jeff, and Carolyn are on this site.  
The worksite that Bob’s team is working on has actual hanging drywall.  We spent the first day just getting the house ready for the drywall.  We had to take down some plywood on the wall.  (Not nearly as innocuous as it sounds.  This was double layered with many many ringshank nails.)  We also had to pull down part of the ceiling.  It was particle board tile, and then we had to go around and pull out the staples that the tile was holding up the tile.  Two rooms of that.  The best part of the day for me was when I was working with Bob on removing that evil plywood from the bathroom.  There was a piece with a hold cut out of it, and there was a pipe sticking out-  as if for an eventual shower head.  Bob said we had to take off the cap on the end of the pipe or else we wouldn’t be able to get the plywood off the wall.  (I wish I had a picture)-  As he started unscrewing that cap, I started to hear a rushing sound.  It happened pretty quick, but I thought, “I wonder what’s going to come out of that pipe?”  Bob can’t hear super well, so I can only assume now, that he didn’t hear the wooshing sound.  I didn’t say anything because I guess I forgot his hearing is a little impaired and I thought he heard it.  And really, there was no time.  As he got that cap off, a big blast of water hit him square in the face.  As the water continued to gush out of this uncapped pipe, I started looking for a shutoff and Bob tried to put that cap back on.  We both got pretty wet. I can’t say it didn’t feel good.  Bob’s team includes Bob, me, Carla, Corrine, Matthew, and Rob.  Bob says we are going to actually start hanging drywall tomorrow.
The pictures are:  (In I’m not sure what order….)
Matt pulling staples out of the wall
Rod and Bob all wet
Carla hard at it
Howard and Lewis right after devotions before Orientation.
I will get more pictures from the other team tomorrow.
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Thank you to everyone who is praying for our safety and for our impact.  (both the impact that is made on us, and the impact we make)  Also thank you for your encouragement via emails and leaving messages on our FB page!

The spiritual life cannot be made suburban.  It is always frontier, and we who live in it must accept and even rejoice that it remains untamed.
—  Howard Macey

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  1. Alison Stemme
    Alison Stemme says:

    I feel like the first "work day" is always a little crazy – "What team am I on?" "Where is this site?" "What does this funny tool do?" "Why am I sweating just stnding here?" But then again, what "first day" isn't a little crazy?
    I love reading the updates and looking at the pictures. I feel blessed to have such an awesome team to follow and pray for!
    I know all the work you do this week (with your tools, your faith, your example, and your hearts) will be beyond measure of the blog updates, but it is still nice to be able to stalk you!

    Remember to drink tons of water… (Howard and Lewis! specifically)

    Prayers and tons of LOVE from back home!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hmm, what's that saying, oh yes, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness". Obviously, you are doing the right thing!
    I just got back from the allergist (passed with flying colors for another year)and then treated myself to Arbys; let me tell you, the $1 chocolate croissant, slightly warmed in the microwave–to. die. for. Honestly. Stop in for one soon!
    Continue to bless those around you and stay safe out there.


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