NOLA 5- Wed and Thurs

Some things from Wed. and Thurs-

Bob is a genius.  I just have to say.  (I suppose this requires explanation now.  Bob is very good at renovations, construction, repair, building, etc.)  –  I am in awe of what he can do.  
 I had never HUNG sheet rock before.  I have sanded and mudded, but never hung.  I had to figure some things out on my own.  And cutting a triangle to fit in the right spot is no easy thing.   I kept telling Rob W. (who worked alongside me today and yesterday) that I am a genius.  I have learned a few things from Bob.  And have improvised a little. It has been rewarding.  I can probably fix that hole in the wall in my bathroom now.  
Kathy and Barbara have been making meals along with Rhonda, who is from the Pennsylvania team, with whom we are sharing our housing site.  All I can say is, wow!  They are doing great.  
Turns out that I do not have to fly home to work at all this week.  But I have used up all my banked up good will and favor.  We have an attendance point system.  If you miss a day unexcused, but call in, you get 2 points.  If you get up to 10 points, you are dismissed.  Well, my boss starting only working one shift on Fridays, so the my first shift counterpart and I switched this Friday.  My boss is upset.  The grapevine whispers that he says I manipulated the system.  I wouldn't say manipulated it.  I would say I worked within it.  Maybe even took advantage of it.  (Although how going to the edge of what's allowed in attendance absences, using up all my goodwill, and going a week without getting paid is getting an advantage, I'm not sure.  Everything costs something, right?)  Prayers for my work situation would not be wasted.  Some people will say I did the wrong thing by going on this trip.  But this is where my heart is.  And I can't be who I'm not.  
Also pray for Matt's eye.  He scratched his eyelid?  or his cornea?  –  anyway, it's giving him trouble.  The Colonel (who was a physician some years ago) put a patch on it today before he went to the worksite.  
Both worksites are getting ready to wrap up.  ON Bob's site, most of the drywall is done.  On Howard's site, they are ready to spray texture.  They ask us to stop work early on Fridays so they can get their tools back.  I hope we have enough time to everything done we want to accomplish.  
My friend, Brody, told me to video record what we are doing.  I have been trying, but it has been tough to.  And then editing the video is long and tedious.  Brody said our videos would go viral on Youtube.  I'm skeptical, but I have gotten a couple good things recorded.  I will try to get them out in a timely manner once we get back.  Remind me.  Bug me about this.
I posted an entry on our Blog site that I didn't email out to everyone.  You can read it here if you would like.  It's about the homeowner my team is working for and some of the feelings around "who deserves help.  
There are a couple more pictures on our photo web page-  photos here.  I will put some captions on some of these before I go to bed tonight.  
And you can visit us on FaceBook.  Become of fan of the "River Bend Mission Team"
One more day.  

The spiritual life cannot be made suburban.  It is always frontier, and we who live in it must accept and even rejoice that it remains untamed.
—  Howard Macey
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