NOLA 6 day two

I don't have any new pictures on the Picasa site-   But I did add a couple captions.

The weather has been mild.  Not too hot or cold with lower humidity.  Supposedly this is going to change soon.  
Kristen's team got a lot done with their painting project.  They expect to be done by noon tomorrow.  We will find out if they get another assignment or get shunted over to help Bob's team.  The lower humidity has helped the paint drying time.  Their homeowner's name is Bob.  He is retired Air Force.  After Katrina hit, they had 6 feet of water in the house.  They spent the first year after Katrina in a FEMA trailer while he used his own money fixing up their house.  They found out a few months ago that the drywall that had been used was the Chinese drywall and it was corroding his home.  They had to tear it out and start all over again.  Leanne and Ali  Tell me that Bob is a really nice guy.  He is easy going and quick to laugh.  He has jumped right in with them in both working and socializing.  He has been seen painting and cleaning out brushes and paint pans.  They said that he is just as fast to tease and joke around with the team as they are with each other.  His thankfulness comes through in his involvement with the team.  
There was talk about going on a swamp tour tomorrow night, but we didn't want to leave our worksites early.  Instead, we are going to go down to Cafe DuMond tomorrow night after dinner.  Depending on how late we get back, I might not get to post anything tomorrow.  –  
Some people have sent notes of encouragement.  I shared those with the team tonight.  Thanks, everyone!
If you use Facebook, you can "like" us and follow those posts.  You'll see a note that one of the homeowners we are working for posted on our "wall."  
We have been sharing our living space with another team from North Carolina.  They are a group of mostly college aged kids and they are leaving tomorrow.  They have been fun to hang around and we will miss them.  –  
More to come!

The spiritual life cannot be made suburban.  It is always frontier, and we who live in it must accept and even rejoice that it remains untamed.
—  Howard Macey
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