NOLA 6 — ooooops! First work day

If this is the first time you are getting this email-  It's because your server rejected it the first time because I had too many pictures attached.  (5)-  So I am taking off the pictures and encouraging you to look at the pictures either on our Picasa site or on Facebook.  If you are getting this for the 2nd time, please accept my apologies for hitting your mailbox twice, and you can stop reading now.  For the rest….  

I uploaded pictures to our Picasa website-  Check them out at This Picasa website.  

I also uploaded a bunch (many of the same) to River Bend Mission Team's Facebook page River Bend Mission Team on Facebook
The first workday is always a little chaotic and it takes awhile to get going.  We get work assignments and figure out who's going where and with whom and what the projects are and what you need for them and what they don't have so you have to come back for and where is your worksite and it's usually a good 10:00am before even getting close to the first work day.  From there, you have to assess the work needed because it's not always exactly what they said.  And then you need more tools and someone's got to go get them and then it's lunch time.  You get as much done as you can, but I always walk off of a Monday thinking we didn't get much done.  Today was not different.  
We have three projects.  (This is an answer to prayer-  we were only going to get two, but we prayed for three-  and turns out we got three.  Instead of having 10 people working all on top of each other, we had about 6 at each site.)  Howard's team is putting down sub floor and laminate flooring.  I am on Howard's team.  I've done this on two other worksites before, but this time it's a different product and has to be handled differently.  Learning new things is good.  Bob's team is putting down ceramic tile and hanging doors.  He has Laban on his team, who has done this for a living.  Kristen is leading a team this time also.  Her team is painting.  They got as far as they could go today around 2:30pm and had to call it a day.  They completely primed the entire house and the garage.  (interior.)  
Our worksite is in Slidell, and only a couple minutes from where we are staying.  Our home owner's name is Courtney.  She and her husband were going to be homeless with three young children and one on the way when her family said they could use the house that her Grandmother had.  This house had been pretty much uninhabited since Katrina.  She and her husband have been trying to fix it up.  When we got there today, she told us that she wanted to help and was not going to just stand around and watch us work.  Keep in mind she's pregnant.  Her husband has been trying to do a lot of the work and fixing up, but really doesn't have the experience to know how to do these things.  They are living in the house as is.  While working today, Howard was trying to pull out a nail and his pry bar slipped and he took the pry bar to the face at high velocity.  He could probably use a stitch or two, but he has been nursing it with a paper towel all night.  Last I heard, he said it didn't hurt.  
More about the other homeowners and projects over the next couple days.  
Lastly,  I am going to enable Ali and Kristen to post on the blog-  so check in to see things that any of us put up that didn't get emailed to you first.

The spiritual life cannot be made suburban.  It is always frontier, and we who live in it must accept and even rejoice that it remains untamed.
—  Howard Macey

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