NOLA 6 Thursday

I think I figured out why I can't send pictures in here-  Didn't gmail used to have an "insert picture" button or something?  I'm guessing that because I have blind copied everyone except the team, if I attach a couple files, it looks more like spam.  –  So to see pictures, you'll have to click over to our Our Picasa website with pictures or our Facebook Page.  I think that Kristen has also posted some pictures on our blog  

Howard's team ran into a very "jenky" floor when trying to lay laminate flooring.  It took us twice as long to do the kitchen as it did to do any other room in the house.  We had to get pretty creative about it.  Roma B., who was on a few of our trips and with whom I have worked on a couple of these floors before, would maybe not have enjoyed this one.  We also worked on an exterior door and some interior doors.  We are really enjoying the homeowners.  They cooked lunch for us today.  

Kristen's team finished everything they can do for their homeowner.  They said they also enjoyed their homeowner, Bob.  Their project was priming and painting his entire house.  They got it done (garage included!) in four days.  They will be going to Bob's site to help him tomorrow.

Bob's team has been working on a myriad of projects at their house.  They have been glad to have Laban on their team because Laban has set tile for a living before, and there was a mighty big tile job to do.  They have also been painting and installing trim and baseboards and doors.  They have also spoken  highly of their homeowners.  

The weather has been great.  No too hot.  Well, today was more humid and warmer.  

Tomorrow we are going to be on TV.  There is a local news station that is having a concert with a local musician that writes songs about Katrina recovery.  They want to interview a volunteer team to help kick off their summer volunteer season.  I don't know much more than that, but I know we have to get up early for it.  We are also going to see the Lower 9th Ward and some other places that were hit damaged and still affected by Katrina.  

Thank you to everyone who is praying for us and supporting us.  Prayer requests for tonight and tomorrow would just be that we get as much done in quality that we can on Friday.  It's a shorter workday and there is still much to do.  




The spiritual life cannot be made suburban.  It is always frontier, and we who live in it must accept and even rejoice that it remains untamed. 

—  Howard Macey

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