NOLA 7 Day 2

Today was a day of accomplishments! 

Howard's team finished their drop ceiling in the battered woman's shelter.  They also were able to meet some of the women and hear their stories.  (they were working on a battered women's shelter.)  They got done early and will get a new assignment tomorrow. 

Bob's team took on a mammoth tiling project and finished it with enthusiasm.  They are returning tomorrow to do more tiling in other parts of the building.  The building that they are working on is a food shelf, clothes closet and homeless shelter.  It really was a herculean effort and they pulled it off.  (Louie's team stopped on the way back to the base and helped for a half hour or so–  More on this in a few minutes.)

Louie's team banged out one of the houses they have been working on.  Tomorrow they only have a few small projects and cleaning to do.  They will probably get a new assignment and split up for a while.

The thing that struck me was how Louie's team affected Bob's team when they showed up to help.  Bob's team was worn out and I wouldn't say "despairing," but they were thinking they were going to be there for a lot longer to finish a part that HAD to be finished before they could leave.  When Louie's team showed up and infused a few new people and hope and a little more energy, the change in Bob's team was visible.  And I wondered if there is a parallel to our faith.  Sometimes when we feel alone and facing troubles and are discouraged and despairing and wondering if there is ever an end to our toiling.  And then another believer comes alongside and helps carry the weight and encourages our soul.  We are not alone.  The burden is not to be carried alone.  God is always with us, and I believe He sends people to encourage us and work with us.  Hard times are best handled with others.  
On the blog today, I'll post some thoughts by Krissy.  Plumbing.  You can get there by clicking
There are a lot of pictures on our picasa site.  You can see them by click
You can also see pictures on our Facebook page (Search for "River Bend Mission Team"
Thanks to those who sent notes of encouragement.  I will share those at devotions on Wed. morning.  
Pray for safety on our jobs sites and production.  Please also pray for our friend Susan's mom.  (Susan was on our third trip, and helps behind the scenes as we get ready for our trips now)-  Her mom is in the last stages of her life.  Expected, but still hard.  
Again soon!

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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