NOLA 7 – The first work day

We have 4 job sites, but two of them are right next door to each other.  
Howard's team is doing a drop ceiling at a battered women's shelter.  He has The Colonel, Lewis, and Pastor Paul with him.  Someone from the agency they are working for gave Pastor Paul some crawfish.  nobody else wanted to partake.  They reported getting a lot done today, and they should be finished tomorrow.  
Bob's team is fixing and expanding a VERY large tile floor.  They have had to redo some of the tile laid by the people before his team.  Bob's team has Rod St., Erin, Dhoods, Vince, Shirley S., and Paul A.  They are working at a site that was and going to be returned to a homeless shelter/food shelf/clothes closet, and case work.  There are pictures on our picasa site that show them tiling.  
Louie's team is working on two houses that are next door to each other.  Each is very close to being done.  The things that need to be done are a lot of touch up work, and just putting finishing touches on,-  and adjusting the doors so they close correctly,   Louie's team also has Ron C, Leanne, Mel, Mal, Rob, Krissy, Diane, Ginger, Annie, and me.  
I am not getting as many pictures this year because everyone is taking photos with their phone.  I can't  just plug their phones into my computer, so it's harder to get the pictures.  As I get them, I'll post them.  
Go to to see our pictures.  Or go to our FB page.  
I REALLY like this team.  The new people have added in very well.  And I found out tonight, that you can make cole slaw with half miracle whip, half cool whip.  Who knew?  
Erin, Rob, Krissy, Mal, Mel, Erin, and Diane, and Leanne (that I know of,) went to Waffle House tonight to hang out.  They were maybe going to go try to witness to unbelievers, but I doubt it.  I think they just wanted waffles.  They asked if I wanted them to bring me back a waffle, but I opted for a Diet Coke instead. 
We are praying for Susan's mom, who was getting better, went back to her nursing home, and then fell again.  We are also praying for Diane's cousin Jill who had successful surgery today.  Pray for Ken from Epworth project for healing.  Pray for the battered women's shelter that Howard's team is working on, and the Christian service center that Bob's team is working on, and the family where Louie's team is working on their two houses.  
Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement and support!  

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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