NOLA1 Day 1 on the road- Saturday

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NOLA1 –  Day 1 (Saturday)

We are on the road again!  It came out on me quick.  I had been so busy at work, and at church, that while I knew it was coming, all of a sudden, we were leaving the next weekend.  I am glad to be on the road, but even though it is the first night out, I am still not quite ready to leave for this trip.  I think I packed everything I need.  I got up early this morning to pack.  It got to be time to leave, and I still hadn’t found the padlock for the trailer, nor enough two-way radios for all three vehicles we were taking.  Just before I left for the church, I thought, let me look one more time.  And sure enough, I saw a box I hadn’t looked in before, and there they were, the padlocks and the radios.  Amazing. 


We met at the church, some arrived at 7:00am, some at 8:00am. Erin led devotions before we left.  She talked about a CEO’s daughter acting with authority because she is the CEO’s daughter, and when she asks someone to do something, it was understood it was from the father’s authority.  When we go out, we have that authority as Christians, as children of God to do kingdom work.  Let’s use it.  Amen.  Thank you, Bridget W. for the Cinnemelts from McDonalds!  And thank you, Chloe for the muffins!  What blessings we have! 


So It was snowy.  This is the first time we have left in the snow.  It seemed like a lot of false starts, because we didn’t get moving south until about 8:40. In spite of that, we made good time.  As I mentioned earlier, we have three vehicles this trip.  We rented a van from Boyer Ford again, and we have Howard’s truck, and we have (That) Rod St.’s van.  Each vehicle is chock full of treats.    The drive was very windy most of the way down.  We saw some flooding in Iowa.   Since it was so cold, we didn’t eat our lunch outside.  Instead, we went to a McD’s and got a few sandwiches to go.  It saved us a lot of time.  Gas is mighty expensive.  I filled the van twice, once for $94, and once for $80. 


The weather in St. Louis were much nicer.  It was odd to see flowers and trees with leaves and grass and etc.  We had pizza at our favorite pizza place again.  Devotions were by Barbara.  It is getting late and I’m going to get to bed.  

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