NOLA1- day 2

Day 2-  Sunday


We left Kirkwood (St. Louis) this morning around 8:00.  I should have looked back at my old notes, because apparently, we used to leave at 7:00am.  Howard and Lewis did leave a couple hours earlier so they could go and pick up Darlene from the airport in New Orleans.  We kept in contact throughout the day.  It was nice to have them running scout, because Howard would call back and say, “It’s raining cats and dogs here in Memphis.  Maybe you want to eat lunch before you get here.”  So we did. 


And the rain was amazing!  From half-way through Arkansas until about an hour south of Jackson, it rained hard.


One of the best quotes of the day, “I LOVE salt!  I’d even salt my sugar!” 


Erin talked about how neat it is having new people along because we get to see things from an brand new perspective all over again.  This is Erin’s fourth trip.  Sometimes, you have to be very deliberate about not making things old hat. 


We are very sad to not have Corrine with us on this trip.  Corrine had a family emergency  and was unable to come.  It happened just before the trip.  We are praying for her and her family each time we do devotions.  I would ask everybody to pray for her and for her family, and for us, having to do this trip without her. 


Gas continues to be very expensive.  We estimate that we will be $2000 for gas for all three vehicles down and back. 


Gary B. has joined our team for this trip.  He is a pastor from northern Kentucky.  He  was one our youth leaders when I was in High School in Michigan.  Darlene L. has joined our team again.  How fantastic for me to be reunited with my aunt!  Not only is she my aunt, she really is one of my best friends and partner in ministry, and a mentor.  I am looking forward to spending time with her this week.


The last story for the day.  Right after we left Kirkwood, we got caught in a traffic jam on I240.  We couldn’t see what was going on, so we sent Matt to the front of the line to see what was going on.  Just a downed power line. 


Just a little bit about the facility we are staying at.  Lots of people in small spaces.  The common spaces are big.  The sleeping rooms are pretty crammed.  Erin asked me to ask people to pray that the women jammed in the rooms together are flexible and understanding of each other’s needs. 


Goodnight.  Amen.



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