NOLA1- Starting the planning

We have started planning for our next Biloxi trip, but will really be to New Orleans. We are booked for 15 people, but at the last planning meeting, we have about 16 people signed up. I’m not going to worry too much about that…. and actually, we are trying to change the date of the trip so that Corrine can come. I can’t imagine doing this trip without Corrine. She has been such a valuable and energetic and enthusiastic and supportive team player.

So the team list looks like this:
(This) Rod Sc.
(That) Rod St
Ginger St.
Barbara S.
Corrine M.
Howard N.
Bob N.
Jeff S.
Erin C.
Lewis W.
Elbert G.
Kathy B.
Vern E.
Dave W.
Harold M. ?
Allison St. ?
Darlene L. ?
Darold S.?
Deb S. ?

We are going to have a fund raiser through the Outback Steak house again. March 15th will be the date. If you’re in the area, and want a steak dinner, we’ll be pleased to sell you a ticket or three. Other fundraising efforts include the collection jugs and looking for other sponsors.

An idea that was thrown out at a previous meeting was to see if we could get a journalist from one of the major papers to come with us and document the trip and report on the need that is still there. I haven’t been able to find any takers, but I haven’t tried very hard yet.

Anybody else wanna come? Wanna support? Wanna pray? Know someone that would like to come? support? pray? Tell them to get ahold of me and give them the link to this site.

Thanks all!

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