NOLA4 Friday

Our last day in New Orleans.  

Thanks to those who wrote notes of encouragement either electronically or on paper.  We have been blessed by you!

Work-wise, we got a lot done.  Howard's team finished a tile floor and moved on to sheetrock in the garage.  Bob's team finished all the assignments in one house (the house is not done, but we did all we could do with what we had.) and moved on to another house where they started fixing some things that previous team had not been as successful at.  Roma's team finished all the laminate flooring and all but one small corner of tile flooring (and really-  it's just grout) and went beyond the work order by trimming out one half of the house.  Gary's team did an EXCELLENT job with walls-  going further than planned.  The site manager walked into that house yesterday and asked where the seams were.  Gary asked if he should put them back in.  Because of favorable weather, they were able to blow orange peeling texture and prime the walls on the house.  

The weather:  Holy buckets it has been nice.  Today was the first day it was really humid.  Other than that, it's been warm and mostly sunny and really nice.  Today was pretty muggy.  

This morning in devotions, Mark S. said that there was only one path to God through Christ, but many paths to Christ.  And at first, I thought it sounded kind of new-agey- but then I thought about it more and decided he's right.  Jesus didn't always do the same things and say the same words to everyone He met.  Everyone's experience with Him was different.  This is not to say that God is not the same today tomorrow yesterday, etc., but that we can experience Jesus in different ways.  Our prayer this week is that the people we have worked for has experienced Jesus through us.  By our good work as a result of our faith, these people can come to maybe understand Jesus a little better, and to draw closer to Him, and thereby to God.  

The agency we work with asks us to knock off early on Friday so they can get all their tools back and ready for the following week.  Today at around 1:30pm, Howard took Hutch to the airport so he could catch a flight to Houston, where he will be living after this week.  Then Howard and 8 others went on to Memphis so that they could get a chance to go to the National Civil Rights Museum.  We will meet back up with them tomorrow evening in Kirkwood.  Those of us that stayed here, went to the French Quarter and walked around a bit.  We were ready to come back to the base we are staying at by about 7:30.  We saw some neat things and some ugly things.  New Orleans is like that.  Remind me of this when I do the "epilogue" entry after we get back.  

Good news and bad news:  
The Bad news-  UMCOR is pulling out of New Orleans at the end of 2010.  
The Good news-  I signed us up for another team in October.  

This means if you've been meaning to go, or go back, this is your last chance to work through UMCOR (read between the lines there-  and see that there is a possibility of working through other agency's.)  If you want to go on the last guaranteed trip, shoot me an email and I'll tell you where to send your check to sign up.  I signed us up for 20 slots (Becky K. –  if you're reading this, we will be staying with you guys at Filmore!)  

I will not have email access in Kirkwood, so I won't be able to write again until we get back.  –  I will have more pictures on the picasa website ( and you can visit our blog (which is so far, still just these emails) at  

Pray for our safe travel back to our homes.
And pray for our finances.  We are cutting it close this time.  With more people going, the costs are higher.  There is a little room for error, but not much.  
Talk to you again in a few days!

The spiritual life cannot be made suburban.  It is always frontier, and we who live in it must accept and even rejoice that it remains untamed.
—  Howard Macey

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