NOLA8- the 2nd work day

Fast note because it's late and I want to get some sleep:

Howard's team got rained out after just a couple hours on the roof.  
Kirk's team and Bob's team and Louie's teams are all making good progress.  
The Kitchen team came around and visited some of the sites today.  They really enjoyed the interaction with the homeowner on Louie's site.  I think this is huge for both us and him.  
Great night of hanging out after work.  Great devotions today by Barbara and Kim.  
Finally got some photos posted.  There are a few more on Facebook than on our Picasa website.  For the Picasa site, click on these blue words, which is a link and will take you to the photo site.  Some have captions.  Some don't.  And as of this writing, they are not in chronological order.  
Also posted some photos on Facebook.  Search for River Bend Mission Team.  We would LOVE for you to LIKE us!  
Lastly-  we have been praying for Amalie Braun, who was born VERY early.  We found out today that she is up to two pounds!  This is BIG news!  (even though she's so little!)  Thank you to everyone that is coming alongside us as we come alongside her parents and her.  
Ok- REALLY lastly-  Thank you for reading these and supporting us!  We believe the more the story can get out, the more God is glorified.  And that is very important to us.  

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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