NOLA8- the first travel day

Tonight I'm writing from Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  

We haven't taken many pictures yet-  so still more words than pictures-  

We made FANTASTIC time today.  We only stopped three times between leaving this morning and arriving in Cape Girardeau.  We left a little bit late, and like yesterday, it seems like we are chasing our tails, but really, we made great time, everyone got to where we needed to go.  It's about 11:00ish pm as I write this and everyone is pretty much settled in or doing a little internet.  
Leanne started out devotions talking about Jesus's hands being carpenter's hands.  Calloused, rough.  But they healed so many people.  They did so much.  What are our hands doing?  her devotions dovetailed very nice into Gregg's.  
We picked up Louie and Kim at Albert Lea this morning.  
Had lunch somewhere south of Cedar Rapids.
We picked up Bob and Chris and The Colonel this afternoon in St. Louis.  
Rob's devotion was based off Micah 6:8 and he emphasized walking humbly with God.  –  Humbly.  We are here to serve the homeowners we are working for, serve each other, serve the waitress at the Waffle House.  In doing so, we are serving God.  
Just had a good day.  
Except for one thing.  –  For some reason, our team credit cards are all being declined.  Our treasurer called VISA before we left to tell them we would be using them hard and all down the Mississippi River, but at our gas stop just south of Hannible, MO, they were all declined.  Jeff (our treasurer and one of our "support staff at home base") is going to work on it in the morning.  
Thank you to those who sent notes.  (I haven't read them to the team yet, but will soon.)  
Updates on our prayer requests:
Rex, Rod and Ginger's family dog is doing ok.  The Vet pretty much said he might get better, and if not, well, he's pretty old.  He's ok and seems to be happy.  
New prayer requests:  
Erin's health
Our credit cards
Safe travels
Continue to pray for Amalie.
Thank you everyone!

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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