NOLA8- the first Work day

The word for the day is tired and sore.  

We have three job sites and four projects (two projects at one site)-
Howard's team is doing a roof.  Rod Sc., Matt, Chris, The Colonel, and Lewis.  There is a team of four guys from a Mennonite group helping  us.  Had it not been for that group, Howard would probably still be on the roof waiting for someone to hand shingles up to him.  We got one side of the house done.  I (Rod Sc.) discovered I am not strong and have very little endurance.  Now that we have a system, we might get more done tomorrow.  
Louie's team is putting up "green" drywall in a house.  Ginger, Kim, Rob, Erin are with him.  They worked in a bathroom today, and next are going to be able to mud and tape sheetrock that is already up in other parts of the house.  This team also talked about coming back sore and tired.  
Bob's team is installing cabinets.  Leanne, and Rod St. (but there is overlap with Kirk's team)  They got the cabinets today and wrestled with the homeowner about how the kitchen would be designed
Kirk's team is installing drywall.  Terri, Kara, Krissy, Ron, and Corrine.  Kirk's team is also helping build a shed and a few other things around there.  Kirk's team and Bob's team on the same site, so there is overlap.  The next door neighbor to this house is a house we worked on last time we were in New Orleans.  The home owner is in her house and doing very well.  Krissy and Leanne went across the yard to visit her and decided they want to make her some curtains.  That might happen within the next few days.  
I had to run an errand right after dinner tonight, so didn't get any photos from anyone.  There WILL be photos tomorrow!  
There are some that have been posted to Facebook.  Search for River Bend Mission Team and "like" us to see them.  
Prayer requests:  
Rest for the team
Safety for the team
Thank you everyone!

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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