NOLA8- the last full work day

I feel like I talk most about Howard's group, but it's the team I know the most about since I'm on it.  We had setbacks today and had to wait for supplies and it really slowed us down.  We didn't get the shingles on the last portion of the house.  But we did get the felt paper down and repaired the rotted out plywood deck that was bad.  (just one sheet).  Tomorrow, Louie is going to come from his team to help us get done.  

Louie's team got their jobs done today.  They finished drywalling the living room and a bunch of other touch up tasks for their homeowner.  Their homeowner, Landry, is very excited and enthusiastic about what has been done.  He enjoyed having the team there.  Tomorrow, some of the team are going back there to help clean up a little more and do a couple other little things for him.  
Bob's team got the cabinets mostly installed.  They are almost done.  And so is the drywall.  They intend to get done tomorrow.   
Kirk's team has been putting together an addition off the trailer.  Leanne said that today, they just clicked as a team and worked very well together.  Kirk and Terri have been asked to stay on and help out a few more days until they get the whole addition done.  They expect it will be Tuesday or so.  They have agreed to do so.  
All the teams worked a little later tonight, trying to get a little further along.  
This team has a lot of fun together.  We all get along pretty well.  The devotions have been fantastic.  This is a great team.  I am very blessed to be able to work alongside them.  
There are a lot of pictures on our Picasa Photo website (click the blue words to go to the link to see them).   There are pictures of all our sites and our homeowners.  
Thank you to everyone that has written us notes here and on Facebook.  And Thank you to everyone that has "liked" us on FB.  There are more pictures posted there, too.  (some that are not on our Picsasa site.)  
Tomorrow we are working a half day, then going into New Orleans for the afternoon.  I might not post anything tomorrow night-  and then if I remember correctly, there is not a wifi in the church we stay in on Saturday night.  (at least not one I can access.)  So it might be a few more days before I post anything again on this trip.  –  Or maybe a really short one tomorrow night.
We are so grateful for the prayers that you have been offering up for us and with us.  We are still praying consistently for Amalie.  She is currently scheduled for surgery on Friday morning at 8:30 Central Time.  Please pray for her continued growth and wellness.  And for comfort, peace, and assurance for her parents Eric and Jamie.  Also please pray for Barbara's health.  She's feeling under the weather.  Also please pray that we finish well.  There is still a lot of work to do, especially on Howard's site.  
We are grateful you are with us.

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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