NOLA8 -The night before we leave

What a day!  Personally, I feel like I've been playing catch up all day.  I was going to leave work early after a client meeting and go pick up the van, etc.  The client pushed the meeting back an hour, and it set me back pretty hard.  I feel like now I have caught up.  I was done packing before midnight.  This is good.  

We had our Commissioning service tonight.  Gregg Swope led it.  Gregg just soaks in the Holy Spirit and it oozes out of him and you can't help but be blessed.  He talked about how in John 13, Jesus, fully knowing who He is, displayed it through washing the disciples feet.  As servants this week, we can look at what we are doing as washing the situational feet of the people we are serving.  It's not easy to get your feet washed.  When Peter said, "not me, Lord" I think he was only saying what most of us are thinking.  Our feet are not our prettiest part.  –  And the situation some of these homeowners are in is no pretty, either.  We have a profound privilege to be allowed in to this place.  Not all homeowners see it or feel it that way, but we should take what we're doing seriously.  
We leave first thing in the morning.  We will will try to leave West St. Paul by 7:00am.  Pick up Louie and Kim in Albert Lea.  Pick up Bob, The Colonel, and Chris in St. Louis, and then spend the night in Cape Girardeau.  
And that reminds me that a couple days ago, when I listed the people that were new to our group, I missed Kim.  Kim is coming from Pipestone, MN to join our group this week.  This is her first trip with us.  
Ok more later-  
Prayer requests:  
Safe travels.  
Easy coordination with the people we are meeting on the road.  
Amalie Braun-  (more on this precious little girl on Sunday night)
And Rex.  Rex is Rod and Ginger's dog.  He is pretty old and has some frightening health concerns today.  He has an appointment with the vet tomorrow that Ali and Jess (Rod and Ginger's daughters) are taking him to.  There may be some tough decisions involved.  Pray for Rod and Ginger, Ali and Jess, and Rex.  
Thanks everyone!

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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