NOLA8 – the second travel day

The day started with people from La Croix UMC giving us breakfast.  Eggbake, monkey bread, fruit, juice.  etc.  Delectable! 

Devotions have been so good that I have started taking notes.  Erin led devotions.  She talked about change and how we notice the trees changing as we go farther south.  We notice things that are different than what we are used to.  She said that we are all changed when we encounter Jesus.  We are different than we are used to.  We have changed our location, our routine, our work, roles, etc.  People are different when we encounter Jesus.  And people are drawn to change.  What do we show others about how Jesus has changed us?  
Travel was good.  
We got to the bottom of our credit card problems.  Too many hits on the cards in too short of a time period.  They should be ok in the morning.  
Arrived in Slidell a little after 6:00pm  Cindy and the kitchen crew whipped up dinner in record time and after settling in, eating dinner, devotions and logistics, we have had a long day.  
Lewis led evening devotions.  And started out by saying that he planned his out a few days ago and didn't coordinate with Gregg or Leanne or Rob or Erin.  He talked about allowing Jesus to transform us so that we are able to give and serve.  He said that we are set apart for serving.  And when we do it, "Look out!"  Big things come from God.  
We are excited about big things happening this week.  We are excited to be used by God to offer hope and assurance.  To offer roofing and drywall.  To offer ourselves.  
Prayer requests:-
Three team members' health
That our credit cards WILL work in the morning.
for Amalie.
Ok-  I promised I would talk about Amalie tonight.  
Amalie is a little girl who was born at 26 weeks.  VERY early.  She and her parents are from my hometown in Michigan, and as  a team, we are committing to pray for Amalie and her parents each day as a team.  When two or more are gathered,…  So join with the "two or more" with us in praying for Amalie.  She is struggling with seizures and a brain bleed.  And everything else that a little girl born very early would struggle with.  Amalie's mommy is Jamie, and her daddy is Eric.  Please pray with us for this family.  
That's all for now.  We are grateful that you are following along.  Nobody has given me pictures yet, (and I haven't taken any) so I don't have any more to share-  but some have been taken and are on our Facebook site.  –  so check us out on Facebook.  

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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