NOLA8- the Third work day (Wed)

Another day in the epic saga of River Bend Mission Team!

Kirk's site is starting to click along.  Building a shed like structure that will hold laundry appliances next to the house.  
Bob's cabinets are coming a long.  He is expressing frustration with the home-owner.   He says she is making decisions about the house that he feels she will regret.  Design issues.  Layout issues.  Reconciling code restrictions with taste issues.  It's a hard place to be in.  Besides that, it sounds like she is procrastinating making a decision.  It makes for a frustrating day for Bob.  This kind of begs a question about service and how do we reconcile doing what we think will look or function better when the homeowner says something completely different?  Are we obligated to use our best judgement or go with what the homeowner wants?  
Louie's team got a lot done.  But they came to a point where they couldn't do anything else until the texture on the walls dries.  So they showed up at Howard's site around 3:30pm.
Howard's team again today had the privilege of having four guys from a Mennonite organization help with the roof.  They work well together and got a lot done.  They are strong and can lift or carry the bundles of shingles up to the roof.  They are NOT going to be there tomorrow, which means Howard and I are pretty much it for going up on the roof.  The good thing is that we only have one more side to go.  Howard thinks we will finish it tomorrow.  
After our work sites and dinner and devotions, most of the team went into the French Quarter to have coffee and beignets.  It was a nice time.  
We have started to think about wrapping things up.  Tomorrow is our last full day on our work sites.  We started looking at what we can and can't get done.  On Friday, we'll take a half day off so Epworth Project can get their tools back.  
Once again-  pictures can be seen at:   click here for the NOLA8 Photo album  (as I am writing this, I am uploading 70 more pictures.  It is uploading slow, so maybe wait until tomorrow to click on them.  But DEFINITELY check them out!
Also, you can "Like" us on Facebook.  We almost have 200 people that "Like" us.  Just about all the same pictures are posted in both places.  but on FB, you can see postings from other people besides me.  
We continue to pray for Amalie and ask you to do so as well.  Other prayer requests are:  
Ability to finish our projects
Team Unity (so far so good!)
That God reveals Himself to us.  
Ok-  that's all for now.

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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