On the way home

We got out of Gulfport just before 8:00am

We made good time.

We are getting along pretty well.

We got into St. Louis just before 7:00pm. Taffy had asked if we could
see the Arch, so we went downtown. It was nice to play around a
little bit at the Arch (really, just a parking lot right there.) We
took some good and funny pictures. We got to the church and then went
out to grab pizza at a place we’ve been to two other times we came

There was some talk about going straight through, but when we stopped
in St. Louis, it was obvious we needed to rest.

I talked to Randon who arrived with his team at their home early this morning.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Bob and head north. We intend to leave by
7:00am~ maybe pulling into St. Paul at 5:00ish. – give or take.

Thanks to everyone who has been praying and supporting. Thanks to
those that sent letters to us in Gulfport! Thanks to Troll and
Kristen for showing up!

I will post a billion pictures on photobucket next week.

That’s really about it for today.

Prayer requests:
Team unity
Safe travel
Eyes to continue to see what God is showing us


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