Slidel, New Orleans, what’s the differnece?

We have been assigned to a housing site in Slidel, LA. It’s about a half hour outside New Orleans. I am unclear right now whether we are working in Slidel or New Orleans. We are getting more and more ready to go. If anyone is interested in buying tickets for the Outback Steakhouse dinner, please let me know ASAP! We still have about 60 tickets to sell.

Our team represents 4 states and 10 churches. Amazing. I have 20 slots reserved. I have 19 people that have said they are coming, and about 8 that are maybe’s. Following is list of people. The number before their name tells how many of these trips they have participated in.

5 (This) Rod Sc.
5 Barbara S.
5 Corrine M.
5 Howard N.
4 Erin C.
4 Lewis W.
3 Deb S.
3 Darlene L. (from Michigan!)
3 Bob N. (Howard’s Brother- from Indiana)
2 (That) Rod St.
2 Ginger St.
1 Jeff S.
1 Dave W.
1 Gary B. (From Kentucky!)
1 Allison St.
1 Mary J
1 Kathy B
1 Vern E

Troll and Kristen I think, are going to come for part of the trip.

The Maybe’s
2 Elbert G.
2 Harold M.
2 Darold S.
1 Duane L
1 Wayne B. (From Wisconsin!)
1 Wendy B. (From Wisconsin!)
1 Kendra S.
1 Rich Q. (From Texas!)
1 Matt K. (From Michigan!)

Please pray that God makes clear to the people He wants there, and that they go.


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