Thoughts from the worksite…

Yesterday we were given a house to finish up tearing out drywall and wet moldy insulation whatnot. We knocked that out rather quickly and were given another house today that is so much worse. There is the obvious concern of black mold, so we are wearing masks as we work,  bit the basement seems to also have raw sewage that Shirley was hauling out in buckets. As it’s been stated, “she’s a better man than I! “ 

Those of you praying for us can be mindful of the mold, petitioning for our health and safety. These people are in the stage of grief of disillusionment where they are hearing all the bad and the problems are compounding… it is disparaging and these people need hope.

A comment on the cell service: I wrote this post at 9:30am and there wasn’t enough coverage for my data to work. Only now am I able simply because of the wireless network here at the church … as an end of the day perspective,  we did twice the work we were assigned and the house looks more like a construction project than a disaster zone. How fulfilling!


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