Why not Minot? Day 3

Today saw Bob's team finish their first assignment.  The homeowners didn't show up today, but the previous two days, they had shown up and helped us work, and told us a little about themselves.  It really makes a difference when we get to meet the homeowners.  After finishing the subfloor at this house, we went to help Dave's team move 12 foot sheets of drywall from the garage into the basement of the house they were working on.  Then we went back to get another work assignment.  They asked us to remove a subfloor.  When we got there, though, we found that the "subfloor" was actually THE floor.  It was 1" plywood on 48" on center joists.  Bob said that if we took off too many of these pieces, the house would be unstable and could fall in.  We called the construction foreperson and she came down to check.  We convinced her that this wasn't a good idea.  So she assigned us to mud and tape the drywall that had already been hung.  So we started that.  We met our homeowner and she worked right alongside us.  

Dave's team got done more of finishing the basement they were working on.  Nothing much exciting about drywall….  
Howard's team finished their assignment and were rewarded by their homeowner with BIG pieces of pie.  You can see one of these pieces of pie if you go to our pictures site.  (www.picasaweb.com/rodscofield/minot2).  After that, they went to get another assignment.  They were assigned a subfloor.  It sounds like they didn't get much done, and have some challenges to overcome.  Howard says the homeowner and the construction people here are asking him to put fiberglass insulation between the floor joists, which is above a cement slab under the house.  There isn't a vapor barrier.  And there isn't any way to make the insulation NOT sag to the cement over time.  This would eventually make everything wet.  Howard knows this isn't the way to do it and so he doesn't want to do it that way.   He is having a hard time convincing the homeowner that it would be harmful to the house to do it the way he thinks it should be done.  Stay tuned for further developments!
Hope Village got a tent today.  Apparently they are eventually going to use it for a recreation area with a floor, a tv, and I think they are going to serve meals in there, too.  Rumor is that tomorrow they are putting a floor under it.  I took several pictures of Hope Village today.  I posted them on the picture site.  
I think a lot of us are getting antsy to see things besides Hope Village and our job site (and Menards)  A couple people went to Walmart and other places to get away for awhile.  I'm hoping someone brings me back a Diet Coke.  🙂  
My next task for tonight is to reconcile the money.  I'm a little nervous things are kind of tight.  We have spent more in supplies this trip than I had planned on.  I might have to confiscate a couple of our credit cards.  
Thank you to everyone that is praying for us.   I read any messages you sent.  
I also added pics of Leanne signing a 2×4 in the wall of our first house, a rainbow over Hope Village, Hub eating pie, Howard tying a ladder to his truck, and several others.  
Please pray of a participant from another team named Pete.  He took a fall and ended up with a concussion in the hospital.  I heard that he is back, but I don't know for sure.  
More tomorrow!

True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.  –C.S. Lewis.

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