Why Not Minot? Day one on a new mission adventure

Hi all!

First let me start the same way I always do.  If you are new to getting this, I added you because I thought you might be interested or at least willing to pray for us.  If anyone, new or old, would like off this email distribution list, let me know and I will do so.  
Today, the River Bend Mission team started out for Minot, ND to help with flood relief.   
Why Minot?  –  Last Spring, over 11,000 people had to evacuate as water topped the levies on the Souris River in Minot, ND.  This wasn't as sensational as the hurricanes of the past six years, but devastating to the people directly affected.  Last Spring, when we were in New Orleans, we felt like we have done a lot of good things there, but that it was time to move on.  This was hard because there is still a lot to be done in New Orleans.  When the tornados his Joplin and Tuscaloosa, we wondered if that's where we were supposed to go next.  The more I prayed about it over the course of the summer, the more I got "Minot."  
So here we are.  There are ten of us on this trip:  Me, Howard N., Lewis W., Bob N., Matt S., Erin C., Kristen B., Rod St., Shirley S., and Ron C.  
We left Inver Grove Heights this morning right after church, just before noon.  We are driving a rental van and Howard's truck.  Rod St., and Shirley left from Pipestone around the same time.  (If a little white van with two people leave Pipestone, MN around 12:30pm, and a big white van with five people accompanied by a small blue pick up with three people leaves Inver Grove Heights at noon, what time will they get to Fargo?)  
We read on the United Methodist website for North Dakota that they wanted donations of blankets and quilts.  One of the churches in Pipestone donated 13.  And Rob W.'s (has been on three previous trips) church from Bemidji donated 14.  Rob met us in Sauk Centre to hand them off.  (Thanks, Rob!)  Plus there were a few donations from our church in Inver Grove Heights.  We have 30 quilts to deliver to the United Methodist Church this week.  
Now having said that we are giving quilts the the UMC, we are actually working for Lutheran Disaster Response.  They are housing and feeding us and giving us work assignments.  We are being hosted by Trinity Lutheran Church in a small town just north of Minot.  The church is very inviting and seems very open.  
So we get our work assignments tomorrow morning.  We'll tell you more about who we're working for and what we're doing.  
Please pray for our health and safety while we're here.  And for our finances.  It isn't a very expensive trip, but we didn't do any fundraising, just relying on donations that come in and the cost each person is paying to come, and the reserves we had in the bank.  Also pray for the homeowners we will be working for.  
If you would like to follow us on Face Book, search for "River Bend Mission Team."  Tell your friends!  Also-  We will put pictures on our picture website when we get some.  And Erin and Kristen and anyone else I can get to contribute will be writing for our blog- which I'll give you the link to when we've put something on there from this trip.  –  
Again, if you don't want this email each evening, let me know and I'll take you off the list.  
And thanks a bunch for those of you that are going to go along for the ride with us.  Let us know you're following along and praying for us.  We are glad to know!

The spiritual life cannot be made suburban.  It is always frontier, and we who live in it must accept and even rejoice that it remains untamed.
—  Howard Macey

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    Thank you for including me in the updates Rod. I don't check stuff well online but send love your way often. Will send bigger doses so you can share. By the way used your whale joke… funnier than I thought. Lots of love Cindy


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