Why Not Minot? Work Day 2-

It was a rough day.  Our 2nd house was a tough one.  When we first walked in, I walked around and said, “piece of cake.”  But once we got going on it, it was more than we thought.

The basement was brutal.  They had a kitchen down there with a freezer overturned, shelves with canned goods and all sorts of yummy goodies.  For people that do this all the time, or compared to doing it in the middle of the hot humid sweltering summer, this probably would have been a piece of cake.  Parts of the basement had dried out some.  This one had a lot more mold in it than the one yesterday.  You could almost taste it when you went downstairs.  
But we worked hard and at the end of the day, we got everything done we were supposed to do and more.  And we met three new friends.  –  Partway through the day (Howard and I were working on unhooking the furnace-  I’ll tell about the air conditioning in a minute)-  three people that were originally working for the Baptist agency in town came over.  I don’t understand the circumstances exactly.  Something about a subfloor and being sent to the Lutherans, who sent them to our team.  But Mike from Delaware, Bob from Pennsylvania, and Varina from Pennsylvania joined us and helped with this project.  They were all hard workers and helped a lot.  I am told they will be joining us again tomorrow, and we are happy about that!
We are all a little (a lot) tired and ready for some sleep.  We are working hard.  Tomorrow they are giving us another “muck and gut.”  We think it would be awesome to be able to knock out 5 houses while we are here.  1 each day.  
Oh yeah, the air conditioner.  Apparently, you have to be able to drain the coolant from them before you take them apart.  We did not have the means to do this, so we had to hang it from the ceiling when we took the furnace out from underneath it.  You’ll have to ask Howard for more info if you want it.  But I thought it was amusing….  
We are a pretty cohesive group.  
Lewis is starting to feel better.  Thanks for your prayers.  
I posted pictures on our picasa website today.  You can find them here:  click here for picasa site
Kristen also posted to the blog today –  besides what is on here from this entry.  click here for the blog
I put a bunch of pictures on our Facebook page also (Search for River Bend Mission Team- friend or fan or follow or whatever they call it these days)
Pray for our continued health and safety as we wrestle with this mold and nails and other such hazards.  
Thanks to everyone that wrote to us and letting us know you are following our adventure in Minot.  

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